Financial Tips For You To Follow In 2020

When it comes to finance, many people feel lost and unsure what to do. Especially when you lose control of your budget. Those who can control their own financial situation feel safe and quiet, at less risk of debt. In this article we will give 4 financial tips for you to follow in 2020. Good […]

Simulation Cash: Know the best financing option!

Good Finance is one of the nation’s leading state-owned banks, and Cash Simulation applications are among the most sought after on the Internet. Here in this post we summarize for you everything you need to know about where to simulate your cash loan. Especially for real estate financing, cash simulation is a big help. Just […]

Good Ways to Use Savings Money

Although it is not very profitable, saving is one of the most practical and safe ways to invest money. Maybe that’s why it’s so popular among Brazilians. Savings help build and preserve inflation equity, as well as contribute to the achievement of personal goals and dreams. Use to enter a dream Dream of buying a […]

Mortgage interest forecast February 2016

How does the mortgage interest rate develop in February? Every month we provide our forecast based on the market figures in 2016. ECB measures At the end of December, the European Central Bank (ECB) expanded the crisis measures. The policy interest rates have been further reduced and the buy-back program has been extended to 2017. […]

Loan for Pensioners

Pensions are often very low and some retired people may have trouble getting along with money. While they have the opportunity to earn money, they do need a loan. But seniors are not suitable candidates for banks. Fortunately, there is another option, which is a loan for pensioners. The offer of non-bank loans for the […]